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Boradori Automotive started its humble beginnings in1948 by Al Boradori. He built a strong reputation in the Chico community with reliable diagnostics, trustworthy service, and a warm friendly atmosphere. These core values have remained at Boradori Automotive through the decades. In 1976 Al Boradori retired and sold the business to Jack Skibo who continued the legacy of the business and kept the name going. When Jack retired in 2010 the torch was passed to his son, Jeff Skibo who recognized that there was a hunger for these values in the community and made an effort to spread the word. This started a tremendous period of growth for the business, and now the legacy can grow even further with the opening of the new location in Marysville (formerly Bill’s Electric). Jeff describes his main role at the shop as building a team of like-minded people who share the core values of Boradori Automotive. This has proven to maintain a wonderful shop culture through the years. Jeff and his wife Jenny have been married since 2001 and they have two daughters who have grown into thriving and ambitious young women. When the Skibo’s aren’t working on growing the business they enjoy spending family time on the lake together.

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